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Customer Success

Bob Moesta
President & CEO of the Re-Wired Group

“Thanks to Havoc Shield I no longer feel guilty about not knowing every technical nuance about cybersecurity.”

Ankur Gopal
CEO of Interapt

“Havoc Shield is the ally that helps us manage — and fulfill — our nuanced cybersecurity obligations.”

Safely Embrace WFH

Working from home is the new normal, but your old cybersecurity practices aren’t enough to stay safe.  Engage employees in the solution: a time-efficient, plain language solution that gives IT professionals the reporting and engagement they require.

Plain Language


No prior cybersecurity experience necessary – click deeper into our UX if you want the technical details.


Easy and time-efficient steps for employees, equals high compliance levels in companywide dashboard.

Safely Embrace WFH
Address Threats Like a Pro

Address Threats Like a Pro

The new threat landscape is too urgent to wait for a fully staffed internal cybersecurity function.  Don’t try to craft and implement remote cybersecurity policies on your own — we’ll be your ally in guarding your growing cyber perimeter.


We’re constantly on the lookout for new cybersecurity risks; we alert you only when you need to take action.

InfoSec Policies


When we ask you to take action, we guide you through every step, all the way through to successful mitigation.

Create a Security Advantage

You’ve got obligations to your employees, customers, and financial stakeholders.  By implementing a modern cybersecurity program, you rise above the rest and shield yourself from threats — while others struggle to keep up with each security crisis as it arises.



Answer with confidence the next time you are asked a tough cybersecurity compliance question.


Button up your security loose-ends faster than your competitors, and get back to work!

Create a Security Advantage
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