About Us

We’re people who have been in the hot seat before — as CEOs, CTOs, IT managers, founders, and cybersecurity professionals — responsible for keeping our companies safe from hackers and scammers. We experienced first-hand how difficult, time-consuming, and expensive that job can be — and we knew there had to be a better way.  That’s why we built Havoc Shield.

We believe that access to professional cyber defenses belong in the hands of everyone – because everyone is a target.

Our mission is to democratize that access through the use of guided help, a healthy dose of automation, and simple but powerful tools that allow you to make expert-level progress on your home and office defenses without unnecessary complexity or a huge price tag.

Want to get a better sense for how we bring that mission into motion?  Three minutes from now you could have real, actionable information about some of your vulnerabilities and possible solutions.  For free.  Want to see what we mean?

Havoc Shield Team
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