We’re A Small Team of Passionate Technologists, Entrepreneurs, and Democratizers.

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What We Do

Professional security tools, resources, and knowledge, for too long, have been accessible only by large companies with dedicated teams. We’re bringing expert-level information security planning, capabilities, and tools to startup sand small businesses. We help them win new business using security as an advantage and protect them from the types of company-ending threats we all see in the news, and we help our customers do that using their existing team, upskilling everyone, without interrupting their roadmap.

How We Work

Our Vision & Purpose

Our vision is to be the reason 1,000,000 small businesses, the largest collective employer worldwide, are prepared for their cyber attack and can participate in the benefits of solid cyber security.

We are here to protect vulnerable businesses in an increasingly threatening online world.

Our Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to arm small companies to defend against and recover from cyber attacks, enabling them to deal with the inevitability of being targeted by one. We do this through self-guided cyber security program planning, “no assembly required” automation, and smart how-to design.

Speak in plain language

We work with business pros who aren’t security experts and can’t wade through the industry jargon. The trust our clients instill in us requires all of Havoc Shield to think through the lens of being good teachers, translators, and stewards in the democratization of expert-level security.

Be customer-focused

Security can be a stressful topic, especially when it’s a startup or small business. In everything we do – from design to HR – we think about the affect on our customers. We instrument this focus through placing ourselves in front of customers as often as possible, including with policies such as rotating all-hands support and customer feedback calls across departments.

Lift others up

For a startup or small business, a cyber attack or getting turned down for a big deal because they can’t climb the compliance mountain can hurt… a lot. We seek to mitigate the risks to companies in this position and focus on building a stronger foundation for them to stand on. This also applies internally. We want our team to grow and flourish even in times of personal or professional hardship. We create flexible employment experiences and make decisions starting with empathy and candor. When you see someone who needs help, lean in and give them a lift, knowing you’ll be supported in doing so.

Seek to create speed

We default to making a decision. Analysis paralysis is a real thing, and while we’re careful planners, we believe in experimentation and the idea that making any decision is usually better than delaying one. We acknowledge the risk of failure in doing so and build it into our expectations so speed and the occasional stumbling block are recoverable. We support our team in making bold, educated bets, and seek to enable the same for our customers.

Be opinionated through experience

To the outside world, to our customers, and across our team, we are educators and democratizers of information. We share our opinions of how to make progress, take action, avoid risk, etc. through having experience in it ourselves. Where we don’t have it, we are intellectually honest and don’t indulge ego. Instead, we support each other in finding it and ensure space to learn new things in pursuit of providing useful perspective.

Techstars Logo

Havoc Shield is a Techstars Company (Winter 2020)

What We Offer

Freedom & Flexibility

We’re a fully distributed team that works toward shared outcomes, not overpacked calendars. We communicate largely asynchronously and work with high autonomy.

Inclusion & Respect

We invite all backgrounds into our safe and open-minded community. Differences are celebrated, and teams are designed to introduce and respect varying perspectives.

Interesting Problems To Solve

Our Platform makes a complicated, high-stakes topic easy to understand and perform by non-experts. That means we have a ton of work to do in making it so, and it’s no easy task. You’ll own work from research and experimentation to roll-out that challenges you and solves critical problems.


We work from all over, but we come together in real ways daily with informal slack channels and live collaborations. Annually, we come together for an all-team retreat with experiences you won’t quickly forget. We make purposeful space for fun – whatever that looks like for you.

All the Benefits & Perks

  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Competitive, transparent salaries
  • Flexible vacation policy with 2-week required minimum leave
  • Health, Dental, Vision, Life coverage with employee and dependent employer contribution
  • Generous equity options with a 3 YEAR exercise period – even if you choose to leave
  • 6 weeks paid leave for new parents
  • Annual in-person retreats to amazing places
  • Choose your own computer and software setup
  • Professional development allowance

Open Positions


Our Hiring Process

We have a straight-forward, but unique application process. We ask you to answer a few questions when applying for a position that directly address your qualifications for the role. This accelerates the determination of mutual fit and ensures we are good participants in your search for a new position.

Our hiring team reviews applications based on a job-specific rubric, and our interview process varies by role. We will share what the rest of the interview process will entail on your first video call.

You’ll hear from us throughout the application process. We make a commitment to you that we will be in touch at least once per week while you’re going through the hiring process.

Don’t see a fit but still want to join?

We’re always on the lookout for people with a passion for protecting small businesses and want to build something great. Our needs change rapidly and we hire as our team needs help, so tell us about yourself!