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Can Macs Get Viruses, Part 2

Awhile back we wrote an article that was inspired by a question that we've heard from clients many times: "can macs get viruses?" ... little did we know that it would become one of the most popular articles on this site.  The follow-up discussions have been terrific, too.  So, here's Part 2 of an article that was originally meant to be a single-post piece. 

Can Macs get Viruses - Part 2
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The Latest Hack – Garmin

The past few days have been rough for Garmin device owners/users, and no doubt rougher for Garmin's cybersecurity professionals.  Numerous reports suggest that Garmin has been the subject of a ransomware attack that resulted in systems outages for the cloud components that many Garmin products rely on.  Recently, reports have emerged that the specific root cause was a WastedLocker ransomware attack.
Garmin has not yet confirmed this. However, if the reports to that effect turn out to be based in fact, here is the attack likely went down.

The Last Hack - Garmin
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Zooming In on Ransomware

Ransomware is on the rise.  If you are fortunate enough to not yet have experienced it first-hand, read on for the troublesome premise. Your precious data -- your work files, your personal records, or maybe even something more personal than records, are valuable.  Hackers know it.  And they are willing to bet that you might be willing to pay to prevent them from doing one of the following to your records, information, etc. Lets dig deeper at understanding this aspect of the threat landscape.

Zooming in On Ransomware