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9 Small Business Cybersecurity Wakeup Calls for Founders

Every day we talk with startup founders about small business cybersecurity. Although we'd love to speak with founders that spontaneously decided to "do more" about cybersecurity, our conversations usually start very differently than that.

Most often, there is a very specific and urgent cybersecurity-related need at hand. And an urgent call to our team for help thinking it through. We're happy to help -- not a problem! However, for the benefit of founders that haven't yet hit one of those moments, here's what folks a few steps ahead of you are running into. We're glad to help with these more proactively if you'd like, to save a hectic scramble later.

9 Small Business Cybersecurity Wakeup Calls Founders Do Not Want
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When Small Business Cybersecurity Meets BYOL

Maintaining small business cybersecurity while allowing BYOL (bring your own laptop) is one of the hottest topics amongst companies that seek out our help. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution, it helps to have a contextual sense for the continuum of high risk to low risk decisions that a company can make while navigating this complex topic.  Here's our shot at very simply summarizing some of the key stopovers on that continuum that we've seen companies land at.

Small Business Cybersecurity Meets BYOL
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4 Tough Q’s: Remote Work & Small Business Cybersecurity

If there is one thing we've learned about small business cybersecurity it's that there are a great many operators that are afraid to ask tough questions about cybersecurity... because they are worried what the answers might be. We specialize (tactfully, of course) in helping organizations raise and think through those tough questions -- and come out the other end safer and happier. Today we'll take on the issue of Remote Work, asking four of the tough questions that deserve to be asked. And giving you, our reader, a ray of hope that there are reasonable ways to resolve any cybersecurity loose ends made apparent by the question.  Here goes:

Four Tough Questions - Remote Work and Small Business Cybersecurity
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When WFH Threats meet Xfinity Router Security

Stating the obvious: over the past year, we've come to meet many people who now WFH (work from home). And, many of them rely on Xfinity router security to keep them safe.  It's long overdue that we talk about that in specific terms, about what to expect -- and what not to expect -- if that description matches your situation. Equally important, it might describe many employees in your organization -- probably even employees that handle sensitive company information regularly.

For this particular post, we're going to focus mostly on malicious traffic filtering, although we have much more to say about Xfinity router security and WFH threats in future posts.

When WFH Threats Meet XFinity Router Security
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Totally Avoidable Work-From-Home Security #Fails

For years, work from home security took a backseat to office security.  Then suddenly, everything changed.  Work from home security became just as important (and sometimes more important) than office security.  As companies grapple with how to make the dream of work from home security a reality, there are a handful of totally avoidable work from home security failures that have come to the forefront.  Here are some of the biggest ones.

Totally Avoidable Work from Home Security Fails
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4 Phishing Steps that Cyber Criminals Use Against You

When cyber criminals using phishing against you or your company, they take fraudulent action to pretend to be someone they aren’t. They seek to extract data, financial resources, and personal information to use against you or your employees. Read on, for the four phishing steps that cyber criminals use against you, and how Mail Armor from Havoc Shield can help.

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