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The Latest Hack – Garmin

The past few days have been rough for Garmin device owners/users, and no doubt rougher for Garmin's cybersecurity professionals.  Numerous reports suggest that Garmin has been the subject of a ransomware attack that resulted in systems outages for the cloud components that many Garmin products rely on.  Recently, reports have emerged that the specific root cause was a WastedLocker ransomware attack.
Garmin has not yet confirmed this. However, if the reports to that effect turn out to be based in fact, here is the attack likely went down.

The Last Hack - Garmin
The Latest Hack

The Latest Hack — Twitter

How The Twitter Hack Went Down On July 15th, word began to spread across the twitterverse (and beyond) that numerous high-profile accounts were tweeting requests to send cryptocurrency to specific destinations, with the promise that the funds would be doubled and...

The Latest Hack - Twitter